From fluffy pancakes to eggs and bacon, we have a menu dedicated to classic brunch plates. We use the best ingredients to cook your dish to perfection. With a mix of traditional and modern flavors, it's easy to indulge in just more than one main dish. Come and try our gourmet brunch today!

We welcome small and large family groups to join us at our family oriented diner. Our quaint restaurant is perfectly situated for kids and every age in between. You can find that our menu features simple dishes that makes ordering for your little one a breeze. We do all the cooking here in our kitchen, so sit back and relax at our family restaurant!

When you think of a diner, you probably don't envision fine dining. At our restaurant, we have elevated the diner experience into something more. Our recipes consist of unique and modern flavors, which are incorporated into classic dishes. Roasted vegetable and seared salmon are just some of the items you can order. For more information on our menu, visit our website or come see us in person. We would love to talk to you!

Your guests deserve the best and so do you. Our catering is great for any occasion, such as corporate parties and weddings. If you have an event coming up, just let us know ahead of time so we can prepare and have your food ready to deliver. Our customers in Mitchell and surrounding cities always recommend us for catering, so go ahead and give us a call!