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Welcome to our kitchen. We are glad you are here. Our journey to this moment began some 30 years ago when we met as college students in neighboring restaurant in Denver. Little did we know then the role that food would play in our lives. As we both pursued careers away from restaurants, it was never far from our thoughts. Food has always played a significant role in our marriage, social lives, travels and even our chosen careers at times. Along the way we created a and gathered many recipes that have been recreated countless time in our home- with some making up the cornerstone of this menu. No here we are in Southern Indiana pursing the next chapter of our story and sharing our love of food with you in this historic old building. Our mission is simple: to offer the best dinning experience that we are capable of delivering. We welcome your input on how well we are doing in accomplishing our mission and please ask any questions you may have as we love to talk about our menu and all things food. No matter what your reason for coming, we think you made a great choice, and again, We are glad you are here!

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When you think of a diner, you probably don't envision fine dining. At our restaurant, we have elevated the diner experience into something more. Our recipes consist of unique and modern flavors, which are incorporated into classic dishes. Roasted vegetable and seared salmon are just some of the items you can order. For more information on our menu, visit our website or come see us in person. We would love to talk to you!

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